what’s all this then?

poetry from the heart and collage for the soul. 

demelzauncut is a woman-owned small business offering creative, sustainable products to poetry and art lovers. 

committed to leaving as small a mark on the world as possible [but a big one in your heart], our products are sustainably sourced and made.

each original poem is typed by hand on handmade paper to limit wastage. likewise, our home decor is upcycled - designed by demelza using donated or reclaimed materials.

a maximalist through and through, demelza writes poetry and make art that reflects the brightness and boldness of the people looking back at her - people like you.

we hope you find joy in the texture, pattern and colour [especially our signature pink] that every piece offers. And if you do, we call that fate, and fate makes for a happy customer every time.

that's enough about us.

go find what’s meant for you!